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Is Bitcoin Cash The Real Bitcoin? Is Craig Wright The Real Satoshi Nakamoto?

Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV) … What are these cryptocurrencies and why should you care? Most importantly, what does ‘The Real Bitcoin’ even mean, ten years after the launch of the first ever decentralized payment system?

Hijack The House: Learn To Play Blackjack The Proper Way

Improve your winning chances at blackjack by just using a simple and intuitive strategy. No knowledge or experience required. All you need to do is read this neat guideline.

How To Buy Bitcoins in 2019 And Gamble At BetBTC Casino

Fancy buying Bitcoin and start gambling at our unique BetBTC Casino Online? Look no further, because we have all the information you require. From cryptocurrency exchanges and over-the-counter markets to BTC payment methods, it’s all one click away.

Start Your Bitcoin Baccarat 2019 Adventure At BetBTC

Don’t worry if you are a complete gambling newbie. Just read this blog post about online baccarat, choose your variant here, at BetBTC, and start having fun. The Bitcoin gambling experience awaits you.

Lightning Network in 2019: Bitcoin’s Hope For Unlimited Scaling

Bitcoin’s current blockchain structure is highly ineffective in case of massive mainstream adoption. The Lightning Network, however – a layer built on top of Bitcoin – may provide the answer to truly unlimited scaling.

Secure HODL Your Crypto Or How To Stop Worrying And Enjoy Bitcoin Gambling

Nervous about the security of your crypto funds? Don’t be, as you are about to learn several neat tricks that will make any hacker cringe in pain. Enjoy hassle-free bitcoin gambling.

How Bitcoin & The Blockchain Can Revolutionize The Gambling Industry

From Bitcoin faucets to real, on-the-blockchain, trustless gambling apps… Read what crypto has done and can still do to take the gambling industry to the next level.

Key Differences Between Crypto & Fiat Currencies

There are many similarities between cryptocurrencies and money. However, there are major differences between crypto and fiat currencies. What are those and why should we care?

Bitcoin Myths vs BTC Facts

Since Bitcoin and its underlying technology – the blockchain – are nascent breakthroughs, there are many myths and legends surrounding the two. Which are pure fiction and which are based on hard cold facts?

Proof Of Keys Explained: A Bitcoin Ten Year Anniversary Tribute

What is the "Proof of Keys"? Find out more about Proof of Keys Day event and the concept behind Satoshi Nakamoto’s original vision.

Bitcoin in 2019 – Breaking all-time high at $20,000

Bitcoin cryptocurrency had some downs in 2018. However, there are predictions BTC will break all-time high at $20k in 2019 – Check it out why in the latest BetBTC Casino article.

Benefits of using Bitcoin in Online Gambling & Casinos

Ready to make the jump and join the Bitcoin boom? Find out why an increasing number of online gamblers choose Bitcoin as their primary payment method for both deposits and withdrawals. Preferred by many, the most popular cryptocurrency offers some advantages that fiat currencies will never achieve.

Google Voice Search

The days of having to manually type in Google searches are long gone. Find out more about how you can use your voice to carry out searches with Google Voice Search. Favoured by many, this technology saves us the hassle of having to always type out searches, though it’s recently started being replaced by a program that can do a lot more with your voice.

BetBTC Introduction

BetBTC is an exciting new Bitcoin casino. Here you can gamble safely online using Bitcoins. We have a large and diverse line-up of games, along with plenty of regular promotional offers waiting to be claimed. Find out more about what the casino has to offer Bitcoin gamblers!

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