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Bitcoin in 2019 – Breaking all-time high at $20,000

Bitcoin is the first worlds cryptocurrency, and it came a long way, from an unknown “coin” people traded on forums, basically for fun, to the one of the most talked about topics in the world. Bitcoin was established in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto. Anyone that was amongst the people trading Bitcoins in those early forums, and kept some of his Bitcoins, is now swimming in money.

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While Bitcoin already went up to $20 000, its current price is about 5 times lower, and it is still hanging between $3000 and $4000 for a while. Those who know a thing or two about cryptocurrencies, have already stocked up on Bitcoin, or are waiting for the “bottom”, which many expect to be around $2900. While waiting for that low, can bring a bit more profits, not having Bitcoin in your wallet right now could prove to be a costly mistake. The price has always skyrocketed in a short period, and in the next “bull” run it is predicted to hit at least $25 000. This is a conservative prediction, but even with that one, there is at least 800% profits to be taken by the end of the year. I would say that number will be at least $50 000, considering the movement of Bitcoin price since its beginning.

If we took history into account in those predictions, and expected Bitcoin to behave literally like it did before, the bottom price of $2900 (lowest price i.e. when you NEED to BUY) will come in January 2019, while by 2021 it would reach $333 000. Not too shabby, investing $10 000 and getting 1 million in a 2 years’ time. However, considering that when those price movements happened in the past, Bitcoin wasn’t accepted or used almost anywhere, and it was pretty unknown to general public we can expect this cycle to shorten and happen earlier than that.


BTC currency is now accepted widely all around the World


Bitcoin is now used everywhere, and accepted in many places, from different online stores, some Swiss banks, online casinos, even regular stores that accept Bitcoins. That kind of physical stores are mostly in Japan, where Bitcoin is accepted and treated as any other currency. This is slowly becoming a standard all over the globe. The latest news is that in the state of Ohio, USA; you can now pay your taxes using Bitcoin. With that being said, Bitcoin has a big future and is the best chance of making proper money in the next few years.


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Who is making these predictions that Bitcoin will skyrocket in 2019 and why?

To not bore you to death with names and quotes, let’s just simply put it this way:

Every relevant investor, investment organization, trade platform, cryptocurrency trader, you tuber, blogger, etc. Every single one of them claims the same:



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And here are some of the reasons why:

  • The whole cryptocurrency market is in what is called a ‘bear’ for more than a year now.
    This means that prices are either stagnating or dropping steadily over a period of time. The market was in a ‘bull run’ in the second part of 2017, reaching all-time highs at the very end of the year. At that time Bitcoin was valued at around $20 000. The price dwindled throughout 2018, reaching its current value at around $4 000.

  • Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin market has seen this Bull Run to bear and back to Bull Run situations before. If you go back to the very beginnings of Bitcoin and follow its price you will very easily notice this trend. Bitcoin value stagnates or dwindles for some time and then it skyrockets reaching all time high values. The market then goes the bear and Bitcoin price steadily decreases over a prolonged period of time before entering another Bull Run, again reaching all-time highs. Every time this happens, bear periods get shorter and shorter and Bull Runs get higher and higher. Bitcoin was worth close to nothing in its beginnings in 2009/2010. Couple of cents as a matter of fact.

  • Bull Run of Bitcoin

    First Bull Run happened in the mid 2011 reaching staggering $22 and then dropped to below $3 couple of months later. Market was in a bear situation for almost 2 years before new Bull Run happened in April of 2013 and Bitcoin reached all-time highs again breaching the $138 price – more than 6 times higher all-time high price than in the previous Bull Run. The price dropped again, dropping to $80 for 1 Bitcoin in a matter of months before another Bull Run. This was the second Bull Run in the same year! And what a Bull Run It was! Towards the end of 2013 Bitcoin closed in to $1 000 price! The same pattern of sudden bursts of Bitcoin price, followed by a period of stagnation or dwindle in Bitcoin price happened over and over again through the years culminating by the most recent one that happened in 2017. The price of one Bitcoin at the beginning of 2017 was the same as the price at the end of 2013 during one of the biggest Bull Runs in Bitcoin history. That far that is. The price of Bitcoin raised unbelievable 2 000 %. That is right! Two thousand percent! From around $1 000 at the beginning to around $20 000 at the end of the year.

    Hope you see where we’re getting with this – having its price steadily decreasing over a period of full year, the next Bull Run is due now. In 2019!

    So there’s the repeating pattern of Bear to bull to bear market in Bitcoin history combined with relatively long bear period stretching throughout 2018, which is the foundation for all the claims of another boom in Bitcoin price and reaching new all-time highs, but is there anything else? Of course!

    Bitcoin is now used more than ever. It’s accepted worldwide by millions of merchants. There are Bitcoin ATMs as well, where you buy or sell your Bitcoins for cash. Bitcoin is also an investment option further widening its use.

    Furthermore, unlike fiat currencies, Bitcoin doesn’t have unlimited supply. There will be only 21 million Bitcoins in circulation in the world. There are 18 million of them in circulation now, meaning we are rapidly approaching the maximum circulation supply. This only means price will raise even more as there will soon no longer be any new Bitcoins available to mine.

Having explained all these reasons for the claims that Bitcoin will skyrocket in 2019, we nearly scratched the surface, but even that is more than enough to see the vast potential and opportunity that Bitcoin is.

BTC should hit over $20k in 2019 year

We are believers for a reason and, hopefully, you are now too!


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