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Monopoly Live - A Unique Augmented Reality Casino Game

You may be a fan of slots, but who are we kidding? All of us need, from time to time, a different kind of game, a refresher of some sorts that could make us feel that adrenaline rush we had in the beginning. The same goes for the traditional roulette, blackjack, baccarat, or video poker. Interesting and exciting, yet could become quite boring after a while, if you don’t spice it up with something different.

Animated Monopoly Board in Live Monopoly Game Online

To get rid of the routine, we’ve got a brand new casino game that implemented a whole new technology that can and probably will reshape the future: augmented reality.

What’s augmented reality? Where elements of the virtual, gaming world intertwine with reality. Popular mobile game Pokemon Go is the perfect example to better understand this term. You use your smartphone camera and GPS to find different Pokemon species in the real world. Basically, elements of the video game and virtual universe Pokemon intertwined with our reality, using just our smartphone.

Monopoly Live uses the same augmented reality technology as the popular mobile game.

Monopoly Live Rules

You don’t need a smartphone necessarily, though. All you need to do is deposit some BTC in your BetBTC Casino Online account, find the game on our platform, and start playing.

Since it’s all about augmented reality, the action is LIVE. A dealer spins a big wheel that has the numbers 1, 2, 5, and 10, plus several other segments on it.

Nothing out of the ordinary as of yet, BUT the whole set up is based on the game of Monopoly. Near the dealer, you will see the virtual Mr. Monopoly reading a newspaper and sipping his coffee calmly.

Money Wheel Number 1 Hit

If the wheel stops at 1, 2, 5, or 10, Mr. Monopoly will not bother to get up. The dealer will pay the winners based on the odds. However, if the wheel stops at the special segments, the virtual assistant will join the show.

For example, there are two segments of Chance. The player can’t bet on Chance, yet when the wheel stops at Chance, Mr. Monopoly will get up and pick a card with a random multiplayer. What does that mean? On the next spin, all the winners will see their profits multiplied based on the card picked in the previous round.

Interestingly enough, that’s not all. There are four more special segments: three with ‘2 Rolls’ written on it and one with ‘4 Rolls’ written. If a player bets on one of those boxes and gets lucky, then the casino game will immediately switch into a virtual Monopoly world where Mr. Monopoly guides your every dice throw. The rules in that world are similar to the ones in the popular board game.

Monopoly Live Payouts

Going back to our wheel, there are 54 total segments. 48 of them are pretty standard: 22 segments of 1, 15 segments of 2, 7 segments of 5, and only 4 segments of 10. If you bet on a number & the wheel stopped at that specific number, you will be paid based on the payout table below.












As mentioned in our previous section, there are two segments of ‘Chance’ that offer the player a chance for a multiplayer with the next spin.The other four are the ‘Bonus’ segments that will qualify the winning players to a very special 3D round of Monopoly.

The traditional Monopoly board is set up and randomized with different multipliers for each property. The winning players have the ability to throw the two dices either twice - for a ‘2 Rolls’ win - or four times - for a ‘4 Rolls’ win. Based on the result, Mr. Monopoly moves and gathers multipliers that are added to your total winnings. For example, if Mr. Monopoly stops at a 5x and 15x multiplayer, with a $10 wager, you win $200 (20x).

Mr. Monopoly and 5x Multiplier

Be wary though, as with the traditional Monopoly board, the virtual one has boxes with ‘traps’ like Jail or Income Tax.

For a quick look around, watch this short video below:

Monopoly Live Dream Catcher Edition Review

Monopoly Live by Evolution Gaming is an improved version of the popular Dream Catcher casino game, developed by the same operator.

Monopoly Live Dream Catcher

Uniqueness score: 5/5

It adds the augmented reality into the mix, which makes it unique among its casino peers. Mr. Monopoly is quite a fun assistant to have around, even if it’s just an animation, and the 3D world in which the player immerses when he wins a 2 or 4 Rolls, is simply colorful and exciting. Who in the world can argue Monopoly Live isn’t a special casino game and one of the most unique you will find online?

Fun 5/5

The fun element is also top-notch, without a doubt. The wheel is exciting, yet most players are in because they want to see Mr. Monopoly in action. To play Monopoly and make a profit in the process is certainly very fun. The 3D board will get you all pumped up for a big win. Don’t worry if you go to jail and miss the last segment of the board with the biggest multipliers.

There is also a next time, you know.

House Edge 3/5

Since it’s a wheel-based casino game, no matter the augmented reality implementation, the house edge is quite significant. As a result, you can’t compare Monopoly Live with blackjack or baccarat. Yet, there are many other slots games, video poker and even live games like craps where the House is much more of a factor than in Monopoly Live.

The Return To Player (RTP) - a common indicator for such casino games - is 96.23%. What does it mean? If you bet $100 on Monopoly Live, your average payout, in the long run (millions of bets), will be near $96.23.

Jackpot 4/5

How much you win has turned Monopoly Live into quite a popular casino game, lately. The wheel payouts are not that spectacular, even though a ‘Chance’ multiplier could really spice up the action.

This is all about Mr. Monopoly and the 3D Monopoly board. Win a ‘4 Rolls,’ throw doubles for extra dice rounds, and you might accumulate quite a small fortune, up to 500,000 EUR. Just be sure to make a stop at the last properties, before the Go box.

Total Score 17/20

Overall, Monopoly Live Dream Catcher Edition casino game collected a whopping 17 points out of a total of 20, with our review scoring system. A great number that makes it one of our highest scorers.

Play Monopoly Live At BetBTC Online Casino

Our score only confirms what others are saying: Monopoly Live is trending and is one of the biggest success stories in the online gambling business. So, how about combining this unique augmented reality game with the unique payment system that is Bitcoin?

Both have the potential to become disruptors in their niches, respectively, and both should make one exciting and fun combo. Follow Live Casino section to check out this exciting brand new game from Evolution Gaming.

Good luck and may Mr. Monopoly be with you!

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